Country: Thailand drvr
Year: 2014

  • Offer device to logistic corporate clients: An insurance company could partner with DRVR to encourage its corporate clients (logistics companies) to use it for their fleets of cars and adjust their premiums according to driving behavior and other criteria 
  • Risk prevention: With a similar app, an insurance company could help its auto insurance clients to minimize the threat of theft and car accidents, besides coaching the drivers to drive in a responsible manner thus avoiding potential accidents


  • DRVR offers a mobile and web app that allows their customers (logistic companies’ fleets) to keep track of their vehicles. The package consists of a DRVR device (to plug in the vehicle), the DRVR app collecting key performance data and DRVR ENGINE, an analytics solution
  • Based on the tracking of the customer’s fleet, they analyze findings and make recommendations to optimize usage and driving behavior
  • DRVR ENGINE uses the data gathered by the devices to provide insights into vehicle performance, drivers’ behavior, traffic information etc.

Consumer Benefits

  • Prevent fuel theft: The sensors can monitor fuel consumption and generate an alarm in case of an unusual level of fuel consumption
  • Improve the efficiency of the fleet: Thanks to the sensors, the logistic company would have access to valuable insights about their drivers’ behavior and would be able to give them recommendations to avoid accidents and improve efficiency
  • Reduce the direct costs of operating its fleet: The recommendations provided by the analytics solution allow reduction of cost besides helping alleviate traffic and promote environment-friendly driving

How it works

  • The device can be installed in the vehicle and connected to the smartphone app
  • The smartphone app is further connected to an online web dashboard which provides analytics to make recommendations


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