Country: Franceakolyt
Year: 2015

The device is a good way for an insurance company to:

  • Add features to the current Pay As You Drive offer: go beyond analyzing drivers’ behaviour and add special features such as breakdown detection alert to encourage the driver to service the car. This could reduce the risk of accidents.
  • Compatibility: the Akolyt device must be compatible with all car types for mass adoption

Value Proposition

  • Akolyt is a plug-in device for cars and collects data about the driver’s behaviour
  • The data is sent directly to the user’s phone via Bluetooth and gives advice to the driver in real time
  • Increases car’s reliability, reduces CO₂ emission and fuel consumption
  • Alerts emergency services and family in case of a car accident
  • At the end of each journey the app generates stats and gives a driving score

Consumer Benefits

  • Save money:  between 15 and 30% on fuel
  • Save time: repairing broken parts in the car as Akolyt indicates where the problem lies
  • Prevent break downs: by receiving an alert to service the car
  • Save lives: by notifying emergency services that the user has had a car accident

How it works

  • The user plugs Akolyt into the onboard diagnostics socket in the car and downloads the app. This device is compatible with all cars manufactured after 2001 because onboard diagnostic systems are compulsory.
  • Sustainable mobility advocates Akolyt, click on the picture bellow to see the article

Keywords: auto insurance; collect data; consumer experience

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