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Year: 2013dragonwealth
Dragon Wealth’s aim is to help wealth managers generate leads and build better relationships with their clients by creating a dedicated web-site (white label) 


  • Dragon Wealth allows wealth managers to create their own company/advisory website. From there, wealth managers can attract prospects and focus on building trustworthy relationships with their clients
  • Once the website is set-up, Dragon Wealth offers full support to the wealth managers by bringing plenty of content (e.g. articles) that could be shared with the investors or products that could be recommended to the client
  • Based on cloud, big data technology and peer-group comparison, the fintech is able to combine investor’s portfolio with key information from the client to recommend unique investment
  • For final investors, an application is available on phone and tablet through their wealth manager

Consumer Benefits

  • For wealth managers:
    • Time saving, share content, personalization
    • Accelerate sales, drive customer acquisition, manage existing relationships, activate face-to-face meetings and events
  • For investors (who can benefit from the app through their wealth managers):
    • Viewing and possible comparison of their investments across managers, portfolios and countries

How To Use

  • For any type of account creation, a credit card is required. Accounts are charged after a free trial of 30 days and the subscription can be cancel at anytime
  • There are 3 different account options:
    • $99/month includes: company website, advisor website, blog, live support
    • $199/month includes: responsive website, premium themes, landing pages, SEO support for blog posts
    • $999/month includes: custom themes, campaign support, extended support hours, dedicated support
  • For the investor (final consumers) the price is $25/month, available only if it used by their wealth manager


  • Motre information on the Fintech is available in the article here below:

Award-Winning Fintech Startup Dragon Wealth Releases Beta Version

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