Country: UKdoordeck
Year: 2015


  • Doordeck is an IoT smartphone controlled lock for electronic locks on doors, garages, safes, industrial and commercial spaces
  • Doordeck builds both the hardware and software for the locks in the form of electronic locks, digicodes and a smartphone application
  • Their systems can either be used as a standalone function or be integrated to work alongside any existing locks, adding remote access via a smartphone
  • The encrypted lock can monitor and control access from any distance via a four-digit PIN code entered via the smartphone application. Codes can be immediately added or changed online if access has been compromised
  • The company has been accepted into Startupbootcamp London’s 2016 Connected Objects three month accelerator programme for with access to funding, mentors and investors

Consumer Benefits

  • Remove the need to carry a key: or make multiple copies of keys. Virtual access can be shared across smartphones and users
  • Monitor usage: in real time or by checking door history for a full audit of access
  • Timed access: users can choose certain time slots when access can be used (granting access to guests, cleaners, etc.) and forbid access outside of the timeslot
  • Peace of mind: users no longer have to worry if they’ve locked the front door and can easily check via the application

How To Use

  • Doordeck is currently testing fifty locks on private beta. Interested users can sign up on Doordeck’s website to test the technology before it is released to the general public
  • Currently the smartphone application is not yet available on iOS or Android and will be rolled out to selected users by the end of 2016



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