Country: Singapore docdoc
Year: 2012

  • Create a similar referenced doctor search engine: An insurance company could use the same concept to create a search engine of the pool of doctors that accept the insurance in Asia as well as replicate the model in other countries
  • Engaging doctors on the platform: Investigate how doctors subscribe to the platform in order to apply the business model for potential referenced doctors, as well as to engage a community of doctors


  • Doctor Page and DocDoc are two healthcare companies that merged in 2013
  • DocDoc is a platform where patients can look for all kinds of doctors across all specialties and book an appointment in Singapore
  • The sales team has done a first-rate job getting doctors onboard
  • The patient can search by doctor, clinic, reason for visit, and by name
  • The patient can also access reviews about a doctor or clinic, etc.

Consumer Benefits

  • Free 24/7 appointment service: The patient can book an appointment using the free DocDoc tool
  • Location-based research: The patient can look for all healthcare providers available in his area

How it works

  • The patient can download the smartphone app for free. He/she will then have access to a free search engine for doctors. He/she can choose the kind of healthcare provider he/she is looking for and enter a postal code in order to find the nearest doctor available. The appointment service is 24/7.


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