Country: Shanghai, Chinadianrong
Year: 2012


  • Dianrong is a P2P online lending platform founded by Lending Club’s co-founder
  • It originates loans to prime SMBs and individuals for direct investment by other individuals and financial institutions
  • It also offers banking solution services to large financial institutions

Value Proposition

  • Dianrong has integrated the system and management experiences of Lending Club, one of the most successful credit marketplace in America
  • Dianrong additionally developed a series of products to cater to the diverse needs of users
  • It has developed a technology called TuanTuanZhuan to lower risks automatically by spreading out investments
  • Due to the less developed banking infrastructure in China, Dianrong is also partnering with banks that are using its technology to expand their lending capabilities

How it works


  • Set up a lender’s account
  • Access information on borrowers, interest rates and minimum loan amount
  • Create own portfolios using the online platform


  • Set up a borrower’s account
  • Fill up a loan application and submit the required materials
  • Obtain approval by the audit team
  • Raise funds on the online platform and obtain loan

Key benefits to stakeholders

  • Efficiently and rigorously underwrite creditworthy borrowers and let thousands of lenders invest in them directly
    Borrowers can receive their funds in days compared to few weeks with banks
  • Lenders can generate much higher returns compared to traditional investments that are usually complex and not predictable
  • Lenders can easily create well-diversified portfolios by investing in hundreds of borrowers that are not correlated to each other

Revenue Model

  • From borrowers: Origination fees between 2% to 5% and 0.2% monthly account management fees
  • From lenders: 10% of interest returns and 1% for intermediary service fees charged on the transaction amount
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