Country: Turkeydenizbank
Year: 2012

  • Brings the brand closer to potential customers through entrainment  – an adaptation of an existing popular Facebook game -, and encourages credit card applications
  • Proposes gaming code that fits into the cultural traditional and the company positioning


  • DenizBank’s gamification concept rely on a cultural tradition : the “Promise to Action” game, based on the Turkish tradition of people promising to do something, and is congruent with bank positioning as Denizbank is the leader in agricultural credits among private banks.
  • Users can reach the application by liking DenizBank’s Facebook page. The gamer chooses an avatar of DenizBank spokespeople first, then he starts as a novice farmer and later becomes an experienced one. Users can invite their Facebook friends and see the performance level of their friends.
  • The users have the ability to increase the production rate of the fruits and vegetables by promising to acquire a DenizBank product (e.g. credit/debit card, mobile wallet).
  • In order to apply or promise for a product in the game, the players are visiting the DenizBank branch which is virtually located on an island


  • This Youtube video is a quick demo about  DenizBank being a Facebook based bank


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