Country: Netherlands
Year: 2012


  • Datafloq is a platform that connects various stakeholders within the Big Data industry. Its main objective is to encourage the understanding of Big Data in order to increase innovation and growth.
  • Through this platform organizations can find Big Data technology vendors for their projects as well as specific Big Data talent for hire.
  • This online platform also offers many articles, training, and events available for public use.

Consumer Benefits

  • Knowledge: This platform allows its users to acquire extensive knowledge of the Big Data industry through trends and best practices reports, training sessions, and events.
  • Large community: Datafloq gives its users access to Big Data professionals through their large global community. This community is a huge advantage since Big Data professionals are scarce and in high demand. Through this community, organizations are also able to find vendors for their Big Data Projects.
  • Visibility: Big Data professionals can set up a premium profile which allows them to have more visibility with potential employers.
  • Easy to use: Easy registration through the online platform and competitive pricing.

How It Works

  • Whether you are a Big Data vendor employer looking for a professional, or a big data professional looking for employment, various options are offered at different rates, based on individual’s needs.
  • Interested users can subscribe through the Datafloq website.


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