Country: USAImage1
Year: 2015


  • Agrilyst is a SaaS platform which aggregates farming data, enabling growers to optimize plant performance and reduce operating expenses
  • The platform analyses and tracks sensors data such as temperature, lighting, CO2, pH, humidity and energy consumption
  • Agrilyst works as a task manager showing users what to do on a daily basis and what is coming up in the next few days. Instead of recording scattered data, Agrilyst interpets the data to give users recommendations, helping them to be proactive and avoid unpredictable events
  • The company is running a beta with six greenhouse operators and plans to charge a monthly subscription price for the service starting from 100$ per month for a 1000 square meter farm In the future, the company plans to launch its own hardware sensors which will better answer user needs

Consumer Benefits

  • Decision making: farmers makes hypothetical decisions while Agrylist gives data-based recommendations
  • Energy saving: the platform gives advice to reduce energy consumption
  • Increase profit: Users maximize their time and consume less energy

How To Use 

  • Users can send an email to the CEO ( and request a trial (about 150$ per month) or a subscription (price based on the size of the farm)
  • In the email, users have to mention the type of crops and the size of the farm
  • Then, an account is created and users have to set up a password


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