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Year: 2013

  • Recommend to SMEs/corporate clients as a part of Cyber Security offer: recommend technology to an insurance company’s clients as a way of defending critical data and operations against real and growing threats.
  • Implement at an insurance company to ensure real-time visibility of digital activities: ensure complete, real-time visibility into all of an insurance company’s digital interactions and communications (between different stakeholders), promptly triggering alerts in case of any suspicious or anomalous behaviours.
  • Strengthen networks’ IT defences: proactive defence against unidentified threats on an insurance company’s worldwide internal, external and client networks, significantly reducing the risk of a debilitating attack compromising any client or partner information, or reputation, and protecting intellectual property, such as risk models, and to detect and act on any potential issues at a very early stage. 


  • Built on Bayesian mathematics* and machine learning, Darktrace’s “Enterprise Immune System” (EIS) detects previously unidentified internal threats and external advanced cyber-attacks in real time. Its evolving, probability-based algorithms look for behaviour that differentiates from the norm and alerts IT departments to suspicious behaviour.
  • Inspired by the human body’s immune system, EIS technology learns the behaviour of each company network, individual user and device. It creates behavioural models so that it can spot subtle changes in behaviour which may indicate an internal or external threat. The observation of these network patterns allows the technology to anticipate threats it has never seen before.
  • Three complementary products are available: Threat Visualiser, Antigena and the Industrial Immune System for critical infrastructures (see following slide).

Consumer Benefits

  • Identify internal threats: a consistent level of data leaks come from inside sources, Darktrace monitors internal activity to help its clients avoid costly security breaches and PR scandals.
  • Cross-sector expertise: Darktrace has helped clients from a wide range of sectors such as pharmaceuticals, finance and telecommunication and can apply its best practices to new clients.
  • Cutting edge technology: built on machine learning, Darktrace’s technology evolves and learns from new risks and attacks.

How it works

  • Interested companies can either book a demo or start a “Proof of value” (POV) which visualises the network’s activity in real time with the Threat Visualiser interface. Installed in a day by a Darktrace team, the company can trace its activity over 4 weeks and receive weekly Threat Intelligence Reports. During the four week trial, the company receives detailed analysis of all incidents and anomalies found by the EIS technology. Pricing is based on the number of users (posts connected) and quantity of data (e.g. number of data centres). A precise quotation is given to potential clients after the four-week POV.

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  • Explanation of the concept

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