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Year: 2014

Cytegic offers a full suite of Business Intelligence tools to analyze cyber-threats and recommend solutions.


  • Cytegic identifies emerging threats based on a correlation of technical indicators, intelligence trends and security systems monitoring
  • It collects data from over 1,000 internet sources and checks 20,000 terms and concepts, determining the threat level for relevant clients
  • It also enables Cyber Intelligence analysts to identify cyber-threats related to geopolitical regions and business sectors, based on online data
  • The software enables organizations to proactively optimize their defenses, prioritizing remediation toward areas of greatest risk

Consumer Benefits

  • Cytegic offers three types of products in its’ product suite, each of which have their own advantages
  • Dynamic Trend Analysis (DyTA): Collect and analyze digital information to forecast future occurrences based on past attack patterns, in order to provide decision-makers with a clear understanding of the threats they are facing or likely to face in the near future
  • Cyber Maturity Assessment: Collects and analyzes security controls information to assess an organization’s security maturity and reports on places where immediate fixes are required
  • Cyber Decision Support System: A Business Intelligence tool for cybersecurity managers, that collects both internal inputs and external indicators and uses risk analysis and simulation engines to determine optimal resource allocation for risk mitigation per asset

How to use it

  • A 2-to-3 week long POC from Cytegic in the IT department of the client tests the system to identify main issues of the existing security level

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