Country: United Stateslogo2
Year: 2015
Cur TENS is a connected device that promises to eliminate pain thanks to a connected electrostimulator.


  • Cur TENS (stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) is a connected device that promises to relieve pain within ten minutes
  • It’s an electro neuro-stimulator that eliminates pain of certain parts of the body like the neck, the back or the knees
  • It is a patch that the user puts on the part of the body that hurts
  • The battery lasts 3 hours, each session lasts 30 minutes

Consumer benefits 

  • Cur TENS is a therapy usually used in medical clinics to treat stubborn types of muscle and joint pain that is now available at home for the user
  • Cur uses accelerometer and a bio-impedance sensor to adjust five different therapy settings for optimized relief
  • The user can work, live and play without drugs thanks to Cur

How to use it

  • The user just put the cur TENS patch on the painful area to be treated and the device will calibrate itself the treatment
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