Country: France Cryptosense
Year: 2013

  • Implement at an insurance company to test its digital security: assess existing encrypted systems’ strength & reliability and find potential weak points. This predictive solution would allow an insurance company to develop risk mitigating strategies and create a perennial cyber strategy ensuring that problems are avoided before they arise.
  • Recommend to SMEs/corporate clients as part of an insurance company’s Cyber Security offer: as a way of assessing its digital security and detecting potential flaws in their systems before a true attack takes place.
  • Train employees on cyber security: using the Java Crypto Training, an insurance company could ensure its employees are up-to-date, truly understand where the pain points of their systems stand and detect in-house problems.


  • Cryptosense develops and distributes solutions that checks the reliability and solidness of encrypted systems (ATMs, PINs, security keys or company data back-up systems) via reverse-engineering and model-checking algorithms. Using machine learning, formal and cryptanalysis, the programmes attach themselves to a critical back office part and try to break in, simulating a powerful real life attack. The objectives are to highlight flaws, weak links and potential attack sites in a company’s digital security.
  • Cryptosense focuses almost exclusively on financial institutions and governmental organisations and is currently working with several of the ten largest European banks. Most of the time, the software is used to audit the security of back-office systems that manage cash machines or interbank payments.
  • The company offers software for security analysis of cryptographic systems (license & online) & trainings sessions on cyber security.

Consumer Benefits

  • Highly automated: Cryptosense has automated the time-consuming, low-level checks which leaves the complicated technical checks to the in-house security teams.
  • Adjustable to clients’ needs: the solutions are flexible & can be adjusted (“à la carte”) to one’s needs, giving flexibility and independence to IT teams.
  • Predictive solution: users can find out in advance where their system is flawed and take necessary actions.
  • Sector expertise: with most of its clients in financial services, Cryptosense can leverage on its industry experience & offer relevant solutions based on its expertise.

How it works

  • The solution can be bought as a software (on-premises) or rented as an online solution (SaaS).
  • A full list of products* and prices will be launched on the site later on this year.

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  • Cryptosense closes €700k Seed Investment Round

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