Country: Singapore
Year: 2012

  • First crowdfunding platform in Singapore: Crowdo raises funds for start-up businesses and works with corporations on crowdfunding solutions.
  • Longest-running in Singapore: Crowdo was brought into play for 3 years with 0 fraud cases.
  • Largest in Southeast Asia: A member base of over 12,000 people and 135,000 visitors every month, it has received contributions from all over the world.
  • Full portfolio of services: Crowdo is the first crowdfunding operator in Southeast Asia that provides P2P Lending, equity-based crowdfunding and also white-label crowdfunding.
  • First and only licensed equity crowdfunding in Singapore: Crowdo was selected to be issued a license for equity crowdfunding among 27 other similar platforms.


  • Crowdo offers equity-crowdfunding where investors are able to pool money online with one another in exchange for shares.
  • Crowdo empowers investors with a reward-based crowdfunding platform:
    • Supporters are rewarded in unique ways, from an early access to their new product, to an exclusive opportunity of a private dinner with a renowned chef.
  • Crowdo’s P2P lending platform offers collateralized loans for Indonesian businesses to satisfy their working capital needs which the current financial system is unable to provide.
  • Crowdo also works closely with large organizations in providing crowd-powered solutions for enterprises.

Consumer Benefits

  • Access to proprietary investment opportunities: Crowdo provides investors a marketplace of start-ups where they can invest in exchange for their ownership.
  • Fast access to funds for entrepreneurs: Fundraising process of start-ups is simplified by the use of standardized online templates, making it much quicker compared to traditional fundraising (6-9 months).
  • Encourage active participation of investors: Crowdo’s reward-based platform provides initiatives for investors to support their favorite campaign in return for an exclusive reward.
  • Allow extra advertisement versatility: Built around social media, start-ups are made known by the cumulative actions of their supporters.


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