Country: Canada

Year: 1987


  • Croesus provides sophisticated wealth management solutions to financial institutions throughout North America including but not limited to, TD Wealth, CIBC, Desjardins Wealth Management Securities, and National Bank Financial.
  • Over 14,000 investment professionals use Croesus solutions to manage $1 Trillion+ in assets.
  • Croesus’ Portfolio Management Software has all the tools any wealth management business needs.

Consumer Benefits

  • Flexibility: Croesus provides an evolving platform that delivers seamless portfolio management, CRM and business intelligence solutions. Product evolution is critical to maintaining strategic flexibility for wealth management businesses as the market, and the technology that drives it, evolves at an ever-accelerating pace.
  • All-in-one solution: Build a more efficient business by lowering technology expenditures and increasing ROI while staying on pace with rapidly changing technology.
  • Proven Track Record: Croesus has the expertise to deliver complex technology solutions to small and large organizations efficiently and effectively, all while minimizing the ongoing technical and financial impact through SaaS delivery. Croesus has proven experience in managing security and regulatory requirements (CRM2 and T+2 ready!) that are demanded by large, multinational banks and investment management firms.

How It Works

  • The Croesus Order Entry Module can be integrated with third-party order management systems (OMS) and trades can be sent directly to the market or the trader.
  • This module simplifies and automates the task of creating and populating trades, while ensuring the quality of the data and data processing to support higher compliance standards.
    • The Order Entry Module offers:
      • Block Trading
      • Trading of equity, option and mutual fund securities
      • Overview of all orders: filled, partially filled or pending
      • Mapping between back-office error messages and specific, messages defined by the firm
      • Intraday portfolio view
    • Croesus’ Advanced Order Entry Functionalities offer:
      • Enhanced Accuracy via data pre-population and automation.
      • Increased Efficiency via order generation from any module within the application.
      • Improved Compliance as the module includes several restrictions and compliance verification to ensure strict adherence to rules and laws in place. All orders are entered into the system are sent to your firm’s OMS for processing.
  • Croesus Data Analytics – provides a dynamic visual interface for advisory, branch managers, and executives to achieve an in-depth understanding of key business and performance metrics.
  • Integration Tools – Croesus APIS (Application Program Interfaces) allow developers to exchange information between Croesus and other applications through a range of standard protocols. New ones can be developed to answer specific requirements per request. Integration capabilities include: XML, SOAP, RESTfull Web Services, Widgets, Web Shooter, Batch or Real Time, SSO/SAML, FIX, FIXML.
  • Request a DEMO online at to learn more!

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