Country: France
Year: 2014

Compte Nickel offers an alternative to traditional bank branches proposing banking services through existing “Tabac” local stores


  • Through a partnership with Credit Mutuel Arkea, Compte Nickel has been launched allowing customers to open a “bank account” at local stores called “Tabac” where they can usually buy cigarettes, stamps, lottery tickets and other daily products
  • 134 local stores have received the agreement to be means of payments providers in France
  • An alternative to traditional bank branches is purposed through an existing network of local stores
  • This helps to cultivate the untapped market of underbanked people in mature markets and to build a comprehensive business agreement between local stores and banks

How it works

  • Customers can get an account number (RIB) and a payment card within a few minutes by providing an ID and a mobile phone number.
  • They pay a fixed amount of 20 euros per year, then between 0.5 and 1 euros for all cash withdrawals that are made
  • Compte Nickel pays local stores 3 euros for each account opened and 0.7% of the cash deposits and transactions

Keywords : simple

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