Country: United Statescreditkarma
Year: 2007

  • Partnering: Banks and lenders can increase sales of their financial products (e.g., credit cards, loans) through the recommendations provided to consumers by Credit Karma


  • With a mission to help consumers understand their credit and get more out of it, Credit Karma provides credit score, credit report, credit tools, financial education, and money saving recommendations based on a consumer’s credit profile.
  • The credit scores Credit Karma offers come from two of the three credit reporting bureaus: TransUnion and Equifax.
  • The services that Credit Karma provides are free of charge, and it doesn’t ask consumers for their credit card numbers or other bank information.
  • Users can also track their spending trends and habits by adding their credit/debt card information.
  • Credit Karma also offers Credit Score Simulator, which is an educational tool for users to estimate outcomes if they change their credit profile, such as getting a new loan, opening a new credit card.

Consumer Benefits

  • Free credit monitoring: At Credit Karma, users will get there credit score, credit report, and credit monitoring, which are all completely free
  • Member reviews: Credit Karma offers thousands of member reviews on credit cards and loans for users to make a more informed decision
  • Tools and education: Credit Karma provides financial tools and educational articles to help users get better understanding of credit
  • Secure:
    • 128-bit encryption is used to ensure secure data connection
    • Privacy policy is certified by TRUSTe

How it works

  1. After creating a Credit Karma account and filling in the required personal information, users will get access to their credit scores and reports with weekly updates.
  2. Credit Karma analyzes user’s data and credit profile to make customized credit product/service recommendations to users
  3. Credit Karma get paid by the bank or lender if users get a product through one of its recommendations


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