Country: Singapore crayon data
Year: 2012

  • Personalized choices: an insurance company could use the platform to provide ultra personalized choices and efficiently engage in affinity insurance.
  • Reach new prospects: an insurance company could use Crayon to identify potential customers.


  • Crayon Data is a big data company in Asia with Maya as a current product.
  • Maya is a personalization engine that facilitates choice for customers and enables companies (banks, hotels, and digital media companies) to provide ultra-personalized choices for their customers, using their proprietary platform- SimplerChoices™.
  • SimplerChoices™ currently has data that covers 1 billion tastes, 25 billion taste connections, 25 million products, over 31 million consumers and more than 13 million companies (data that come from review sites, social networks, public data, location-based data and behavior from internal enterprise data).

Consumer Benefits

  • Accurate and inexpensive: thanks to a machine-based algorithm model instead of a people-heavy analytics team.
  • Simplified solutions: which help clients understand the potential by providing simplified solutions and guidance, as well as analytics.
  • Serve customers better: the possibility of outcome offered to the clients helps them serve their customers better.

How to use

  • The enterprise needs to fill in a form on Crayon’s website by email to implement the solution for their business
  • Please click on the video above to see the enterprise story

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