Country: India
Year founded: 2013

  • “Insuring your car couldn’t be simpler. Your policy could be in your inbox in 7 minutes.” CoverFox’s one line pitch sums up the gist of its service offering. CoverFox allows consumers to compare insurance features to make better informed decisions before purchasing it online conveniently.


  • CoverFox has 5 categories of insurance policies including Car, Bike, Health, Travel and Term Life and works with over 25 insurers to offer consumers more than 100 products

Consumer Benefits

  • Objective advice: More informed about the importance of various features related to an insurance policy
  • Wide selection of choices: More policies to compare with
  • Post-sale assistance: More post-sale support including claims processing and insurance renewal

How It Works:

1) A user answers a few questions related to the policy that he is interested in.
2) The user will then be provided with the search results listing suitable insurance policies and he can purchase the plan directly by making the required payment online.
3) The user will receive the policy in soft copy in his inbox almost immediately

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