Country: Canadaimage2
Date: 2016


  • Covera is a free digital broker aiming to help P&C insurance customers by searching for better contracts once they expire
  • The company automatically creates a detailed profile and presents a variety of insurance options to customers
  • After ensuring that the insurance plan is optimal, Covera handles the logistics for changing carriers or contracts
  • Covera does not yet have a broker’s license, but its launch is planned during 2016 in Quebec, before entering the markets of Ontario and Alberta in the future

Consumer Benefits

  • Time-saving: users no longer need to waste time shopping and searching for suitable insurance
  • Money-saving: users have access to the most optimal insurance in terms of premium amount
  • Convenient: logistics around researching and finding new insurance coverage is managed by Covera which is more convenient for users
  • How To Use

  • Users must sign a broker reference letter through the website
  • This letter will subsequently be used to know what type of contract, coverage, and benefits the client is looking for
  • Thirty days before the police renewal, the Covera team will handle all logistics necessary to change insurer, while the customer remains fully covered – at no additional cost


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