Country: USA  consensys
Year: 2015

  • Democratization of blockchain: for an insurance company it could be a facilitating partner to start with blockchain (less complexity and cost).
  • DAPPathon: Organise an insurance company’s hackathon for DAPPs.


  • Consensys is a consulting company that provides services to produce apps based on blockchain technology. They build decentralized blockchain applications for the emerging Ethereum ecosystem.
  • Likewise, the company works in close collaboration with Ethereum blockchain to develop tools for Microsoft’s enterprise customers on the Azure platform.
  • Consensys has the technical expertise to develop blockchain solutions for different industries.

Consumer Benefits

  • Simplified blockchain technology: implementing blockchain technology requires qualified developers. Consensys eases the way for companies willing to use the technology.
  • Less expensive: Because it is complicated to develop blockchain technology internally, Consensys enables the company to implement it faster and cheaper.

How to use

  • The user can go on the website and place an inquiry by calling or sending an email to the Consensys team.
  • Please, click on the image bellow to know more about Consensys


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