Country: Israel colu
Year: 2015

  • Coloured coins: Colu leverages the bitcoin technology to leverage non-financial assets.
  • Counter ticket: Colu could be used to set a self-service for an insurance company.


  • The Colu Engine provides developers and companies with little or no understanding of blockchain with the tools to issue and manage digital assets with an easy to use API/SDK (music rights, ticketing, coupons, share transfer, car ID…).
  • Colu is building software that would allow consumers to securely buy and store digital tokens, akin to bitcoins, that could serve as tickets to events, or as digital keys unlocking online services or physical objects, such as hotel doors.
  • In its three-month span, Colu has racked up more than 20 company integrations including music platform Revelator, Caribbean bitcoin exchange Bitt, and now Deloitte.

Consumer Benefits

  • Mobile: one place to manage assets or more informally to send assets to friends.
  • P2P: assets traded directly among consumers but can also be traded in a market place.
  • Highly secured: transactions are validated on the blockchain which eliminates the risk of fraud.
  • Track & Charge: issuers can track tickets on the secondary market and are able to charge additional fees for each transaction

How to use

  • For users to start issuing assets, they download the app to a smartphone (iOS or Android) and register their phone number in the app.
  • Once registered, they fill out a form to issue an asset and send it via the Colu app, all transactions are then validated on the blockchain
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