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Year: 2012

  • Given the increasing number of thefts and break-ins, and thus a higher amount of claims filed – this is a good opportunity for an insurer to recommend a device such as Cocoon to home insurance owners, in order to protect their homes and be connected to their home all the time via a smartphone


  • Cocoon listens’ to infrasonic sound waves — sound below 20Hz, which are undetectable to the human ear — combined with machine learning, and monitor an entire home, including detecting intruders through closed doors and in all rooms of the house
  • SUBSOUND technology allows a user to protect a home with a single device whilst machine learning algorithms learn what is normal for the home to reduce false alarms
  • Smartphone-connected app delivers alerts and information to enable user to take quick and meaningful action

Consumer Benefits

  • Cocoon allows user to monitor the entire house from a single point and intruders through walls and closed doors
  • There is no complicated installation involved and no need to set the device every time the user leaves the home
  • Cocoon learns the home owners’ normal behaviors and tunes itself to the usual home environment so that it doesn’t send out any false alarms
  • The smart device uses smartphone location to identify who is within the home premises and is also pet-friendly.

How to use

  • The device includes a siren designed to disorient intruders and alert neighbors, an HD camera with wide-angle night vision, LED lighting to indicate when the device is recording or streaming, a microphone to record high-quality audio, a motion detector, and a SUBSOUND detector


  • Vimeo video introduces Cocoon

  • Cocoon’s campaign on KickStarter (Click to read the article)


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