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Year: 2013
Founded in 2013, CoAssets is a Singaporean crowdfunding platform offering opportunities for real estate developers and fundraisers to connect with massive investors across-borders.
CoAssets aims to solve the funding gap for SMEs where “$100,000 to $2 million is too big for friends and family, and too small for Institutional lenders.” CoAssets has expanded into several foreign markets including Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, China and Australia. The company will also broaden its offerings to include non-real estate P2P business lending.
In July 2015, CoAssets became Southeast Asia’s first publicly-listed investment platform on the National Stock Exchange of Australia.  


  • CoAssets enables aspiring real estate developers and fundraisers to engage with investors across boundaries and maximizes their exposures to alternative financing opportunities.
  • The platform is currently publicly traded on the NSX under the symbol “CAX”. The purpose of listing is to boost plans for internationalizing brand and further support massive crowdfunders by providing more exposure to the market.
  • Key Figures:
    • Number of Business Supported: Over 55
    • Total funding for projects: S$ 45 + million
    • Number of registered investors: 51,630 +
    • Revenue in 2015: S$1,972,017, a 367% increase from the prior period of S$422,228.

Consumer Benefits

  • Alternative financing access: CoAssets offers real estate developers, agents and owners with an alternative source of properties funding, connecting them to investors interested in co-developping projects and co-purchasing units.
  • Cross-border investment opportunities: The platform lists projects both Singapore-based and overseas, providing investment opportunities for international investors with different appetites.
  • Simple steps: Login, invest and transfer – 3 simple steps to crowdfund projects online.
  • Trustable: CoAssets is a corporate authorized company which holds an Australian financial services license. Besides, the company is backed by the chairman of the Singapore Venture Capital & Private Equity Association.

How it works

(Screenshot from CoAssets official website)

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