Country: Australia clinicloud
Year: 2015

  • Preventive healthcare: Thanks to this app, clients would be able to get medical care faster, and receive timely intervention, which could prevent hospitalization or save an unnecessary trip to the hospital
  • Partnership with the insurance company’s health app: A similar offer could be integrated in the Health app or partnerships can be explored with CliniCloud
  • Develop an insurance offer with a similar app: Since the kit and corresponding app offer a graphical timeline-based analysis of user’s health condition, it could be leveraged to launch an insurance offer that promises a reduction in premiums by focusing on the importance of healthcare prevention
  • Useful product for new parents or care givers to the elderly: The app could have a specific focus on clients that have new-born children or for elderly people, where everyday monitoring is required


  • CliniCloud has created a wireless non-contact thermometer and a digital stethoscope that plugs into a smartphone via the headphone jack
  • It allows users to store the readings such as respiratory and heart rate on their phone or secure cloud server
  • The thermometer combines latest infrared technology with Bluetooth connectivity, to take temperature readings instantly, with no skin contact

Consumer Benefits

  • Guided check-ups: The app guides users to conduct a quick or full check-up prompting where to place the stethoscope or thermometer
  • Review and analysis:  Users can review their health status over time, including vitals such as temperature, respiratory rate and heart rate, as well as qualitative metrics and notes, and also analyze their health trends over a period of time
  • Records for entire family: From a single app, multiple user records can be created and access can be shared with doctors and care givers
  • Doctor on Demand: Currently available in the US, the app allows users to video chat with physicians and have their lungs and heart examined virtually

How it works

  • The stethoscope connects directly with the user’s mobile phone to display the readings of the patient’s health condition
  • Via the app, these readings can be transmitted to the physician or care giver, and a graphical display can also show the patient’s readings over a period of time


Please click on the video below if you want to know more about CliniCloud’s technology

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