Country: United Statescfx
Year: 2014


  • CFX Markets provides an open and secure online platform for investors to buy and sell shares of crowdfunded assets with each other
  • The platform also enables secondary market transfers of other private securities in alternative asset classes
  • To streamline the process of secondary market transfers of crowdfunded assets, CFX connects various crowdfunding portals and issuers across the industry, including American Homeowner Preservation, CrowdFranchise, Early Shares, PeerRealty,, and PropertyStake
  • The investor process include 3 steps:
    • Portal: Integrated with leading crowdfunding portals
    • Exchange: Post offers & bids on central exchange platform
    • Transfer: Transfer agreement, escrow and settlement process
  • CFX has acquired an SEC/FINRA broker-dealer license

Consumer Benefits

  • Liquidity & Access: CFX provides investors the first and only secondary market for non-listed Alternative Investments
  • Transparent pricing: CFX enables investors to work directly with the issuers and interact with each other
  • Secure: CFX ensures the security of members account and data using Secure Sockets Layer (“SSL”)
  • Cross portals network: CFX is integrated with the other six crowdfunding portals

How to use

  • Investors can access the platform in two ways:
    1. Login with their CFX network accounts (American Homeowner Preservation, CrowdFranchise, Early Shares, PeerRealty,, and PropertyStake) and their shares will show up on the platform
    2. Create a new account directly through CFX
  • Sellers list the assets with the prices they want to sell
  • Buyers then review the assets and performance, match a bid or make an offer
  • If there is a transaction, CFX will charge the seller a transfer fee of 2.5 percent



  • CFX’s network of crowdfunding portals:


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