Country: Francecashway
Year: 2014

  • Cashway allows consumers to pay for goods and services online using cash. As around 15% of all online transactions fail, Cashway provides an alternative service to help consumers complete their orders.
  • The service is aimed at teenagers, seniors, migrants and the underbanked or unbanked, all of whom may not have access to debit or credit cards, prefer cash, or do not wish to use their card details online.

Consumer benefits

  • Accessibility: consumers who do not usually order online can do so
  • Security: Cashway provides a secure way to pay online without giving away card information
  • Free service: the customer only pays for goods and delivery

How it works

  • When ordering, the user selects Cashway from the options on the payment page and can choose to receive a bar code via text, email or mobile app (coming soon). Their order is reserved for up to 72 hours, depending on the site.
  • Using the Cashway geolocalisation tool, the user can find the nearest Cashway point from a network of newsagents and tobacconist’s, where the bar code is scanned. The user then pays in cash and the command is confirmed. The user is given a receipt and the order is processed and delivered as normal.



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