Country: France
Year: 2014

  • Caisse d’Epargne and BPCE launched an app with Google Glass that allows users to declare auto claims from the site of accident
  • Since it puts the user in direct visual contact with the Client Service team, it is easier for the user to explain the situation, show the accident site via video to the Client Service and receive help and guidance immediately


  • “Glassistance” allows users to get in touch with a Client Service representative at Caisse d’Epargne via a video call using Google Glass
  • The objective is to use Google Glass from the site of accident, and file the claim visually and receive any support from the insurance company instantly
  • This initiative has been deliberately launched a bit earlier (October 2014) than the official launch of Google Glass in France (January 2015) which gives users sufficient time to learn about this program, and also the specialized Client Service team can be well-trained

How to use it

  • The user wears his Google Glass from the accident site, launches the “Glassistance” application, gets in touch with the Client Service representative
  • Then the user describes the accident scene and the Client Service helps him fill the Claim form
  • The user takes pictures of the incident and transfers them instantly

In this video you will see a demo (French only)

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