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Country: Luxembourg
Year: 2014

  • Bux is very pedagogical with its user : first, the user starts with Funbux (virtual money) in order to understand how the app works, then he has the ability to trade Seriousbux (real money). This way, the user can test the app and get better before investing real money
  • The experience is largely gamified with every aspects of video games (level, battle against other players, statistics, etc…). This way, Bux is trying to play on users addiction to the game
  • Bux has simplified the trading experience by recommending user to read about a particular stock and decide whether it is worth investing in. This way, it is easy for the user to trade on the app


BUX is a gaming Mobile App that lets the user trade stocks, indices, currencies and commodities (using CFDs) with virtual or real money

  • The concept is born under the idea that trading is too costly, too complex and really time consuming. The objective of BUX is then to reduce all of these constraints and offer a gaming experience to people with no or little finance education
  • The user is offered the ability to trade for free with virtual money (Funbux) or with real money (Seriousbux) by simply betting on the fact that a stock price is going up or down. Trades are issued through the broker Ayondo Markets Limited
  • Like in a Game, the User has a profile with statistics and information about his trades, can compete in battles against others, gain level and receive financial information and updates to make better informed decisions

Pricing & Conditions

  • BUX charges a fee of 0.06% to 0.15% fee per trade with a minimum fee of $0.54 per trade
  • Minimum investment starts at $77
  • The user can credit his account with a credit or debit card
  • The spending limit on one stock is $770
  • Available only in Holland and in the UK


  • Gaming: BUX wants to make stock trading fun and addictive by gamifying its user experience
  • Transparency: before initiating a trade, the App will display the fee charged for the specific trade
  • Easiness: the user can open a real account in less than 3 minutes directly in the app (no paperwork)
  • Users can never lose more than the invested amount


Short video presenting BUX
Nick Bortot, CEO & founder at BUX, presenting his Start-up


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