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Country: USA
Year: 2009

  • Brightscope offers gaming concepts to its platform by distributing points, levels and badges to advisors so investors can know whether the advisor is very active or has good reputation for example
  • BrightScope offers a social experience to its users by giving them the opportunity to connect or follow an advisor for example. Advisors can improve their profile and tell more about their experience in the field (year of experience, services he provides, guides they wrote, etc…)
  • The start-up offers important transparency to its end-users by delivering insights on advisors it got from SEC or FINRA (such as the number of years of experience for example)


BrightScope’s value proposition is to bring transparency into the retirement investments world by delivering clear and easy information to its users about their retirement accounts (401k plans), advisors and sponsors

  • End users can look for 401k plan, evaluate financial advisors, hire an advisor that suits their needs, ask a financial question to the advisors who are on the platform, or even have access to financial information delivered by industry experts
  • BrightScope is also a real match-maker between Advisors and Investors, allowing the latter to find specific advisors that will correspond to the criteria they entered. This way, it also helps advisors to get new prospects through the platform
  • The service can also be useful to enterprises in order for them to evaluate their 401K and find cheaper alternatives
  • The start-up introduced social and gaming aspects on the platform by giving points and levels for the most active advisors


  • Free for the end users
  • Advisors can pay a flat annual fee going from $21.25 to $95 per month for premium options: Investors analytics and contact info, the ability to publish financial guides, etc…


  • BrightScope helps the user to find an advisor that will fit his needs. The advisor can be either human or one of the new online platforms (Robo-Advisors)
  • Brightscope establish rankings based on their data (about the most influential financial Advisors or on the top companies with the best 401K for example)
  • Advisors earn points and levels on the platform to get credit on the eyes of investors

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Ryan Alfred, CEO and Co-Founder of BrightScope presenting its start-up at Finovate 2009, here.
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