Country: Israelbreezometer
Year: 2015

  • Watch Chinese Fintech startups: An insurance company should watch the trend of startups acceleration
  • Fitted offers for startups: An insurance company could propose insurance offers fitted to specific needs of the startups
  • Opportunity for Kamet: Kamet would source ideas and teams and use Marvelstone to accelerate project


  • The BreezoMeter app allows users to track air quality, pollution levels and weather in different areas of a city
  • The app currently works only in the US and Israel, but is being expanded to Europe and Asia
  • Data received in real-time from air-monitoring stations spread around the country is analysed alongside other data sets by an algorithm developed in-house
  • An air quality index is used to measure the concentrations of several different pollutants

Consumer Benefits

  • Prevent diseases: users can protect their health and choose the best place for their outdoor activities as the app gives recommendations based on the user’s personal profile information

How to use

  • The app is available for free on tablets or smartphones. The user then chooses a location and gets real-time air quality levels
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