Country: USA
Year: 2014

  • Breeze is a car rental service that empowers job seekers in the shared economy’s on-demand ecosystem
  • B2B Insurance for Breeze and other similar companies: insurance companies could create packages for B2B that cover the car, passenger and driver
  • Specific customized insurance packages for all stakeholders including car insurance, insurance for drivers as professionals and insurance for passengers: Drivers can pay their insurance fee as a part of weekly fee paid to Breeze for the rent and maintenance of the car. Customized insurance packages can be created for all participants that can be sold via the application or online


  • Breeze is a car rental service for potential drivers of Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar, providing them with customized and low-cost access to a car to use for their driving job and even personal use
  • Breeze empowers job seekers by providing them an opportunity for use in today’s on-demand ecosystem
  • It connects willing drivers to new rental cars, with 24 X 7 registered ownership, provided by an undisclosed third party company

Consumer Benefits

  • Breeze offers a unique financing option adequately addressing the needs of individuals hoping to join the on-demand workforce
  • A flexible, cost-efficient solution is offered to users so that they can start earning income on various on-demand services such as Ride Sharing (Uber, Lyft etc.), Delivery (InstaCart, DoorDash etc.), and other miscellaneous tasks (TaskRabbit, HomeJoy etc.)
  • Unlike with a traditional lease, users can cancel the car with just 2 weeks’ notice and be the registered owner of the vehicle 24 X 7

How to use

  • Users apply to Breeze online, do the “behavioral assessment” which checks for things such as commitment to working as a driver, being responsible for the car, and respecting schedules
  • If accepted, Breeze matches them with one of its vehicles
  • Drivers pay the company $20 a day plus 25 cents a mile and they are required to buy their own gas and to get personal insurance for the rentals


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