Country: Israelbondit
Date of Launch: 2012
BondIT’s analytical and portfolio solutions for fixed income markets could allow bond experts to make smarter and data-driven investments in a relatively difficult asset class
Since BondIT’s launch in 2012, the company has expanded to Asia and has created partnerships with brands like IBM, KIS Pricing (a Moody’s affiliate) in Korea, Xchanging in Italy and ProfileSW in Greece

  • BondIT’s software-as-a-service platform allows fixed income investment managers to apply big data and advanced machine-learning technologies to optimally construct, rebalance, analyse and monitor individual bond portfolios that match a client’s investment risk profile and targets
  • The platform offers advanced analytic capabilities such as:
    • Algorithmic recommendations for buying, selling and replacing bonds in a portfolio
    • Improve Me’ function that allows instant portfolio improvements (increasing yield-to-maturity or reducing risks) for pre-existing and imported portfolios

Consumer Benefits

  • Efficiency: Bond portfolio managers can use BondIT’s web-based platform to create personalized and algorithmically-optimized bond portfolios within a matter of 90 seconds
  • Tailored investment advisory: The investment process can be customized based on dozens of portfolio-level and bond-level constraints and filters, which allow investment managers to create tailored portfolios for their clients. The constraints consist of factors such as ratings, duration, yield, country, bond type and seniority level
  • Compatibility: BondIT offers a cloud-based solution that does not require any additional IT infrastructure. However, for large organizations that prefer to manage their own IT infrastructure, the BondIT platform can be converted into an on-premise solution. Also, BondIT’s platform can be integrated into various financial and data management software

In short, for fixed income experts like those involved in private banking, investment management and corporate treasury, the BondIT platform makes the fixed income investment process not only data-driven, but efficient and personalized.
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