Country: Taiwan, ChinaBNP Paribas Cardif Logo
Year: 2013
Leverage on gamification mechanics to raise awareness and educate customers on financial products and offers.


  • BNP Paribas Cardif has launched two applications with gamification mechanics: “Love from Paris” and “Fortune pro”
  • Love from Paris: offers information about mortgage credit insurance that includes:
    • A premium calculator that helps users plan their budget based on their own financial situation
    • A quick dial allowing users to directly contact BNPP agents with questions through the mobile app
  • Fortune Pro: offers tools for users’ personal asset management and contains 3 sections:
    • Financial news
    • An investment simulation game that lets users evaluate their own styles of investment
    • A calendar that combines timing of dividends payments and lunar calendar, public holidays and a user’s social calendar

BNP Cardif Taiwan Illustration

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