Country: FranceSauve-toit2
Year: 2014

  • Change the process of goods’ value declaration leveraging Smartphone capabilities
  • Simplify and limit the stress of a damage report
  • Give more accurate estimation of goods’ value enabling to propose a more tailored premium and insurance conditions


  • BNP Paribas CARDIF has launched a practical and fun application, that allows the individuals to assess the value of their goods
  • Users take pictures of their goods, add their estimated values, and the associated receipts (if available)
  • Customer obtains a global value of all his goods, and can send, if there’s a damage, all the scanned receipts
  • Photos can be sent to an expert in case of a damage
  • The app use gamification in order to drive usage: eg. quiz related to the list or the values of your goods


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