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Year: 2007

In 2013, BNP IP created a new structure dedicated to fostering a closer relationship with each of their different types of clients and improving the excellence of the services offered : 3 business lines around 3 key client segments (institutional clients, distributors and “emerging markets/Asia Pacific” clients)


  • The recently overhauled Parvest international fund range includes a complete set of digital services, sales and advisory tools made available to private bank clients and external distributors globally. Parvest represents $38 bn of total AuM (<7%)
    • These services are available through a wide range of digital media, from websites -7 new websites accessible in 5 languages- to iPad app -24/7 access to information, simulation tool-, blogs and social media presence.
  • BNP has overhauled their intranet, thus maximizing digital communication internally by enriching the content. They are also refining content of their corporate web site, working closely with the marketing teams on a worldwide level
  • They work with the Media relations team to leverage digital for the daily life of the press office (creation of dedicated digital tools for journalists such as a Twitter PR account, setup a press contacts list of journalists specialized in digital & finance etc.)

Recent Initiatives

  • Overhaul and Digitalization of BNP IP’s flagship fund
    • Overhaul of flagship fund: BNPP IP has re-launched its flagship Parvest international fund range, providing investors with easy access in the market. Parvest offers 107 funds in 7 asset classes, covering 6 fields of activity in 5 currencies and 33 countries
    • Digitalization of services: It deployed a new digital strategy with the launch of the new fund and investment-related digital tools including 7 Parvest websites, an iPad application and simulation tools to assess various investment plans
  • BNPP IP has developed a broad range of tools and services available on the website to make it easier to track investments. Main functionalities available to users are:
    • Access to documents
    • Monthly reporting booklet
    • Access to fund performance
    • Performance maker
    • NAV subscription
    • Access to NAV
    • Financial glossary
  • The new iPad application has been designed to enable investment professionals to get access to all the different documents, services and tools developed for Parvest with or without internet connection. Services include:
    • Easy access to the Parvest offering: dynamic view, searching tools…
    • Consult the detailed report for each asset class
    • Find easily investment solutions that fit with the profile and needs of specific clients: approach by need, simulating tool…
    • Get access to their strategy and their experts’ views: videos…
    • Stay in touch with Parvest news: subscribe to events, notifications, …
    • Share contents: by email or on social media

Keywords: bank; investment; digital media; internal digital communication; services digitalization

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