: France
Year: 2014
Blue Frog robotics is a domestic robot company


  • BlueFrog robotics is a company that bases its business model as an “open source”. This means that its robots are created with the help of external developers, universities and research laboratories
  • Buddy is a robot that has a screen face with eyes and it can multitask to assist its owners with their
    daily tasks
  • It is specifically aimed at serving the seniors, educating and as a home security
  • It can entertain kids, monitor the home and help seniors
  • The more people that participate to develop the software and Apps integrated with Buddy, the more tasks it will be able to achieve

Consumer Benefits

  • Buddy is able to watch elderly at home: fall detection, poor activity detection. But, it also entertains them and can have conversations with them
  • Buddy can help monitor the home: intrusion, fire, flooding
  • Buddy is on wheels so it is less likely to fall

How to use it 

  • The user simply buys Buddy. Then the user can download different Apps on the robot itself (on the tablet) to give him different features. The company will also give a development software kit and different accessories to customize the robot.
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