Country: USABlockchain capital
Year: 2013


  • Blockchain Capital is the first Venture Capital firm to focus its investment exclusively on blockchain companies
  • The Board includes senior management from financial institutions, payment companies, blockchain startups and advisory firms
  • The company invests in blockchain companies of all sizes and at any growth stage: from seed to mature and well-established companies
  • It is built on a belief that blockchain technology and decentralized applications will fundamentally change legacy businesses
  • Over the last three years, the firm has invested in 37 companies, including BitPesa, Chain, Kraken, Ripple and Stampery
  • It was the first VC firm to accept Bitcoin for funding
  • Blockchain Capital closed its second round of funding in January 2016 after raising $13m

How To Use

  • Interested companies can contact the firm through their website


Below are some of the companies who have benefited from Blockstream Capital’s funding
blockchain capital investments

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