Country: United StatesBlackRock
Year: 1988

  • BlackRock brings together expertise across capital market sectors, and asset allocation, portfolio management, financial modeling, and risk management disciplines
  • BlackRock’s fiduciary culture differentiates it from sell-side firms. The firm’s leaders identified a growing gap between the sell-side and the buy-side, and had a vision for a tool that asset managers needed to prudently manage risk
  • BlackRock offers a proprietary state-of-the-art system, which has evolved into the risk-management technology platform known as BlackRock Solutions® (BRS)
  • BlackRock has identified financial regulatory reform that supports the creation of a regulatory regime increasing transparency, protecting investors and facilitating responsible growth of capital markets, while preserving consumer choice and assessing benefits versus implementation costs

Digital Vision

  • BlackRock has made a strong attempt to differentiate itself through an effective digital presence, client-centric user experience, relevant branded content, dynamic functionality, unique visual branding and clear messaging
  • They have also strongly leveraged social media channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Google+ in the communications mix as additional ways to optimize their marketing and business development activities
  • Social media strategies include not only marketing, but also product development and customer service, across various functions in the business

Recent Initiatives

  • The BlackRock Insight Center is a website built as a thought leadership hub where BlackRock actively engages readers to participate, comment on the articles, launch discussions online and gain user insights
  • BlackRock financial advisors and customers are offered differentiated mobile apps and online tools to initiate conversations with clients and prospects on current topics and educational initiatives, manage their portfolios and participation in events
  • BlackRock is using social networks to target intermediaries, end investors, press and other market players in the Europe, Middle East and Africa regions in order to expand BlackRock’s engagement through this channel
  • They are creating a digital infrastructure of distribution partners in order to nurture their alliances and expand means of reaching out to the end-client as well, by setting up a comprehensive cross-business client content plan for, in partnership with marketing and sales channel leadership
  • iShares ETF is a mobile application launched by BlackRock which gives users fast access to iShares product information and performance in an easy-to-use interface. The app allows users to:
    • Monitor iShares ETF
    • Get updated information on the iShares products including performance yield, fundamentals & risk, holdings, sectors, countries, fund-related docs, etc.
    • Filter investments including exposure to find desired ETF shares
    • Customize interface to monitor iShares ETF performance over six time periods
    • Find all relevant documents online including Annual reports, fact sheets, etc.
  • BlackRock Events is an official app for all BlackRock events designed to enhance the experience of event attendees by allowing them to:
    • View event agenda, explore sessions and read speaker bios
    • Download event materials and presentations
    • Browse travel, dining, location and accommodation details
    • Interact with the event live feed, participate in real time polling and ask speakers questions
    • Expand professional network by connecting with other attendees

Keywords: risk management; capital market; mobile application; online tools; social networks; partnership

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