Country: AfricabitPesa
Year: 2013


  • BitPesa is a payment platform that helps individuals and businesses make payments to and from sub-Saharan Africa
  • BitPesa accepts digital currency and provides its users with fiat currencies in return
  • BitPesa has incorporated in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Nigeria, and built partnerships with payment and exchange companies in China, Canada, the US, Europe, and India

Consumer Benefits

  • Instant, low-cost international transfers and payments using Bitcoin as a means of settlement
  • Retail customers
    • Sending through remittances for 1/3rd the price of the national average
    • Transparency into their fund amounts and location
  • SME and Micro SME customers
    • Pay and receive salaries from abroad
    • Access real-time payments for supplier shipments
    • Market products globally

How to use

  • Trading Platform: Users can use BitPesa Trade to make trades at any time of the day on their smartphone or desktop computer
  • Payment Platform: Business users can send money to their employees, distributors, or suppliers in Africa. They can also collect payments from African customers in the customers’ local currencies, and receive the payments in the users’ bank account


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