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Year: 2014


  • Bitnation allows users to create a secure digital identity, that in the future could be used for authentication. The purpose is to deliver Governance 2.0 services: borderless, decentralized, and voluntary blockchain-based governance applications through its platform. The company essentially provides people with a toolbox for Do-It-Yourself (DIY) government
  • It offers a full range of services currently offered by governments such as digitizing and notarising existing marriage certificates, identity cards and passports, birth certificates, land registry, as well as services for refugees, including identities and coordination of mutual help
  • Since November 2015, Bitnation is a partner of the Estonian e-residency program, letting e-residents make digital signatures, digital encryption and verification of documents, and the use Estonia’s state portal

Consumer Benefits

  • Convenient: some documents such as passports, birth certificates or wedding certificates could be delivered by Bitnation through blockchain technology
  • Secure: blockchain technology ensures that documents such as passports or birth certificates are authentic and immutable
  • Transnational: Bitnation is not registered in any state and can therefore be used in any country

How To Use

  • Through the website, users click on ‘join’ to sign-up or click on ‘sign-in’ if an account has already been created
  • Next, users choose between four statuses: World citizen (Anyone can join or create a team and benefit from the support and technological infrastructure of the Bitnation community), Ally (get access to all Bitnation teams, community, chats, and newsroom), Embassies & Consulates (share space), Ambassador (made up of various type of Contributors)


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