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Year: 2015


  • Biomeme’s platform transforms your smartphone into a mobile lab for advanced DNA diagnostics and real-time disease surveillance.
  • The system includes a docking station for real-time PCR, a mobile app to control the system and analyze results, and targeted test kits for preparing samples and identifying pathogens or diseases by their specific DNA or RNA signatures.

Consumer Benefits

  • The low-cost, user-friendly system enables mobile testing at the point-of-need for health care (mobile clinics, disease tracking, home use), agriculture (plant disease tracking, food safety), vector surveillance (Malaria, West Nile, Lyme disease), veterinary medicine, environmental monitoring (soil and water safety), and even education and citizen science.
  • Easy integrations:  simple sample prep, data management, and security (HIPAA compliant).

How It Works

  • Prospective customers can request a platform demo on the DocDelta website
  • After purchase, customers have access to the platform with the ability to find the low hanging fruit by matching opportunity with buyer personas created from on hundreds of clinical, behavioral, geographic and social data points


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