Country: Spain

Year: 2014


  • BIID Mobile ID is a multi-factor authentication, robust and secure technology platform for identity management that is transforming physical identity into digital one’s using smartphones.
  • BIID allows users to securely authenticate and digitally sign documents and confirm transactions in a user friendly way.
  • Authentication method based on PKI with Certification Authority, produces a legally signature of documents anywhere at any time.

Consumer Benefits

  • User-friendly, scalable, reliable, legal compliance, cost saving, and handy
  • Biid provides a secure digital identity on mobile devices
  • Strong digital identity and guaranteed legal security in the telematics relations enables authentication and electronic signatures through the use of digital certificates

How to use

  • Request your digital profile online
  • Get your digital ID on your mobile phone
  • Interact with city hall for the following services: Confidential access to their Personal Citizen Folder, secure access to transactions and services, identification of the holder and signature of documents at the 010 service, entrance into official buildings, reception of City Hall communications.


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