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Country: USA  
Year: 2014
Better offers a mobile platform in partnership with Mayo Clinic* Network to provide 24 X 7 personal health care assistants
Include “Personal Health Assistant” functionality in health care apps, thus simplifying the user experience and increasing customer engagement
Predictive services for prevention/ automated symptom checker: The app Better predicts the health services that a customer might need, based on their personal situation.  


  • Better is a mobile application that has partnered with the Mayo Clinic* to offer users 24/7 access to a Personal Health Assistant (PHA) on video call, besides offering an automated symptom checker, personalized health information and all medical documents in form of electronic records
  • The company offers assistance to users to manage their health care, insurance procedures as well as share pedagogical healthcare content
  • PHAs also predict the services that can be provided to the client in the future based on their personal life information such as if the client is switching jobs, relocating to another city, getting married or has a relative who’s sick

Consumer Benefits

  • Users receive a concierge health service that lets them stay connected to their PHAs via in-app messaging or phone calls, navigate health-insurance issues, find local doctors covered by their insurance, send articles that are relevant to user’s concerns, check if medication has any side effects, book an appointment with a doctor or send personalized health information

How to use

  • Download smartphone application and sign up for $19.99 a month for an individual or $49.99 a month for an entire family
  • The app offers a personalized “Better Action Plan” for clients based on their health history, habits, concerns and insurance coverage

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