Country: Egyptbeliaa-1
Year: 2013


  • Startupbootcamp alumni Beliaa is an award-winning mobile mechanic that helps car owners find emergency roadside assistance, after sales centres, and towing services
  • The application uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) to locate users who have broken down or had a minor accident and direct them to a nearby maintenance service or provide call-out services. Even users who have lost their car can find it using the app
  • Additionally, Beliaa offers a mobile maintenance schedule platform where drivers can schedule a service for their vehicle in advance at the garage of their choice
  • Payments are made through a secure system in the Beliaa app
  • Drivers are also provided with in-app local traffic updates from Egypt’s General Traffic Administration (GTA), with alerts for congestion, roadworks and road closures

Consumer Benefits

  • Find local and reputable maintenance centres: which are rated by other Beliaa users, often with high availability, day or night
  • Discounts: on services through the application
  • Avoid traffic jams: and save time with the GTA information
  • In-app payment: avoids the need to carry cash, cards or cheques
  • Car finder: users who enter their car details can find their car should they forget where it is parked

How To Use

  • The application is available on iOS, Android and Blackberry
  • Users download the application to their device and create a profile. Users must enable location services when using the app


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