Year: 2016

  • Prevention: engage with customers on a complementary basis of algorithm-based customized advice and assistance during their parenthood.
  • Teleconsultation: Be Parent could be a “level one” response to customers before accessing the teleconsultation services.
  • Enterprise health offer: an insurance company could differentiate its offer for large enterprises with an innovative parent-dedicated program for their employees.


  • Be Parent is both a website and an application that provides pregnant women and parents with children under 6 with personalized health prevention information (nutrition, sleep, care), advice on the child’s development and education, practical advice (health expenses reimbursement, social regulation, etc.), and eventually orientation to the right professional.
  • Be Parent’s primary target are executives in their 30s, exposed to high stress at work and multiple sources of information about a child’s health and development.
  • The content is certified by specialized doctors & psychologists, customized through an enhanced algorithm taking into account multiple criteria such as the users’ profile information (child’s age, medical records, allergies, etc.) and the user’s navigation history.
  • Be Parent is still at prototype stage, and plans to provide eventually the integration of data coming from connected devices and a tele-consultation service.
  • Be Parent is looking to partner with insurers (to decrease health expenses through prevention) or employers  / HRs (to increase employees’ presence rate and productivity).

Consumer Benefits

  • Professional advice: Be Parent provides information related to parenthood with practical advice certified by professionals, therefore aiming at limiting parents’ visits to the doctors.
  • Personalized advice: advice is customized based on the profiles of users and their child, and the navigation history.

How To Use

  • Users can access to the website content, mobile / iPad application and personalized advice via a monthly subscription, that could be subsidized by employers or insurance companies.



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