Country: UKbarclays
Year: 2014

  • At this early stage, Banks inform their customers about digital risks and the steps they need to follow in case of fraud
  • Next steps will be to provide insurances against this type of risks, linked with banking & payment services


  • Tips against banking fraud:
    • Social engineering is the act of manipulating people into doing what you want. A fraudster will usually trick people into disclosing their passwords, log-in details, confidential data,etc.
    • Phishing is a process used of sending out emails or messages that direct people to bogus websites or phone lines. These messages claim to be from a particular company.
    • A trojan is a type of malware that is installed on any internet-enabled device. A fraudster sends an email that tries to trick people to download something or open an attachment where the Trojan is to collect confidential data.
    • Money mules is the fact to use people bank account to transfer money. The mule becomes a criminal.

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