Country: Botswana, Africabarclays
Year: 2012

  • Cash back initiative is becoming a worldwide trend with many initiatives in Africa
  • In Europe, this trend is developed by new independent actors like “Friendsurance” or “Jfload”


  • Hospital Cash Back insurance covers you and your family members if you are in hospital from 3 to 180 days
    • You choose the daily amount of money that your family would need if you were in hospital
    • If you go to the hospital this amount is paid to your family
    • The premiums are based on the daily benefit you choose, the age of policyholder and the benefit plan
  • Cash back
    • Every five years you’ll get a lump sum equal to 20% of the premiums you have paid
  • To subscribe: No need to have a bank account in Barclays
    • Copy of your ID
    • Current bank account details
    • Fill an application form
  • In case of hospitalization
    • You or a member of your family must bring the admission form of the hospital to a branch
    • You can choose to receive a check or a transfer to any bank account


Barclays - Hospital Cash Back Insurance

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