Country: New Zealandbanqer
Year: 2015

An insurance company could use this innovation in order to: 

  • Target customers’ children: the insurance company could develop a banking app for its customers’ children combining educational features and gaming.
  • Education: the insurance company could develop an iPad app or web app for its customers’ children.
  • Branding: sponsor Banqer initiatives and/or co-create educational content for school classes.


  • Banqer is an online fictitious banking system replicating a real-world economy, designed to help children understand money better.
  • The program is designed for schools and teaches concepts around income, interest on savings, tax, property investment and insurance.

Consumer Benefits

  • Several learning modules: school teachers can implement false interest rates, taxes, currency, loans, salaries… in their classrooms to create a financial background environment where children have their own bank account, or they can choose a Banqer modules and teach a lesson on a certain financial topic.
  • Empowering children: Banqer helps children to understand financial mechanisms and therefore shapes them into being more careful with money, be responsible and aware about what they can do with it. Knowing what taxes are for, how to invest properly, what insurance is, helps children to adopt a responsible attitude towards money.

How to use

  • Banqer works on a subscription model, where the cheapest rate is $8 per child, per year.
  • The program is based online so that children can use it in class or at home. Just like any other bank platform, children have credentials to access their own Banqer bank account, where they can transfer money, set up automatic payments and track their spending.
  • Teachers can enable modules to allow students to transact with other students in the classroom.

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