Country: France
Year: 2011


  • Bankin’ is grouping together all your spending’s, even if you have several accounts, to automatically categorize them.
  • The service has one big commitment: Protection. Security is the most important value they offer by investing a lot on protected servers to store the data of the clients.

Consumer Benefits

  • By getting all your spending’s in distinct categories you can see where your money is spent during the month: food, clothes, transportation…
  • The app will estimate an “end of the month balance prevision” based on you previous spending’s of the month.
  • In a few clicks, you can make transfers between your accounts and external accounts.
  • A coach will guide you to save money on your current spending.
  • Bankin’ offers clear and simple graphics to follow your saving and understand your spending.

How To Use

  • Bankin’ collects your spending data of the linked accounts on the app and categorizes them through an algorithm.
  • Leveraging your past data, the app will forecast future saving or spending’s for the client.


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